Alan Edward Williams

Composer/ cyfansoddwr

Jazz Travel Diary

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I’ve been quiet on here for a while, but I’ll break my silence to put up some lead sheets for some jazz tunes I’ve been writing ready for my quintet gig at the Swan in Dobcross, March 1st.image

They’re a kind of travelogue about different places I’ve been in the last couple of years…feel free to use them, just credit me.


Botafogo Bop

La Habana

Mekong Song

OK, I haven’t been to the Mekong river: this was a song I remembered writing as an undergraduate some 25 years ago. the original piece set a poem by James Fenton, “In a Notebook”. The original score is irretrievably lost, but I remembered most of the tune, and re-harmonised it.

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