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Sonic Fusion reflection

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I’ve had an exhilarating few days attending (most of) the events at Salford University’s own Sonic Fusion Festival. The huge range of music on offer, the participants from many corners of the globe (I spent most of Friday in French), the last minute minor glitches solved through our unique blend of technical expertise and can-do improvisation, the enthusiasm and energy of the student ensembles and volunteers, and most of all, the uncategorisable audience, who would attend for one event and stay for another in a quite unfamiliar genre, despite sub-zero temperatures and arctic snow drifts.

I didn’t attend all the events – in fact, I think anyone who did would have an iron constitution, so this is just to note down some personal responses to what were the stand-out moments for me.

1. The young and diverse audience for Lauryna Sableviciute and Nichoals Ashton’s piano duet gig in Peel Hall shouting and whooping following Lutoslawski’s Variations on a Theme by Paganini.

2. Salford Graduate Christian Fields’ innovative jazz-dub-step fusion piece for the University Big Band, led from the keyboard by the composer.

3. The Re:Search ensemble’s performance of Korean composer Kunsu Shim’s spacial music, and, in the same concert, Andrea Gajic’s amazingly sensitive performance of Nigel Osborne’s Taw-Raw for solo violin.

4. Marc Favre’s and Bernard Fort’s birdsong-derived electro-acoustic music – a sort of Gesang der Voglein

5. watching the light fade over Media City from the Imagination Room in the BBC’s Dock House, listening to Roland Kayn’s Etoral

It’s been inspiring and exhausting in equal measure, and a real education for me. You can listen to Suzy Klein’s interview on In-Tune by following this link an listenig at about 1 hr 15min. Thanks to all.

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