Alan Edward Williams

Composer/ cyfansoddwr

Cumulative virtual choir project during lockdown: update

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Katy Knight has added her voice to the project on Sop. 2! Thanks Katy! As I was editing I was thinking how wonderful it is that thousands of people love to sing in choirs for the sheer pleasure of it. One day soon, we’ll be able to sing together in the same space and time. On this recording, the intonation of all the contributing singers is really impressive. On Sop. 1 and 2, Laure Meloy is an eminent professional soprano, so one might expect that, although just how good she is took me aback while editing. But Katy Knight on Sop.2 and Katy Boulton on alto are not professional and their tuning is wonderful (they often sing together and it shows).

Here’s the latest version:

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