Alan Edward Williams

Composer/ cyfansoddwr

Motet written in the time of quarantine

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Cumulative virtual choir project during lockdown.

Score available here: O Holy Ghost SSATB final

The text is by John Donne – I wrote this setting in the first week of the UK’s quarantine. It’s an SSATB motet with a nod to both Dowland and Bruckner.

You can hear a version for solo voices (recorded on iphones) here – soprano 1 and sop 2 sung by the fantastic Laure Meloy, alto by the wonderful Katy Boulton, tenor and bass by me. If you want to sing one of the parts and have your voice on the recording, I’d love to have you! e-mail me for score and instructions at a.e.williams”at” replacing the “at” with @.

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